Before we get to the dense, more legally sound version of our sound/music license, here’s the short, easier-to-understand version. Because creativity have to be FREE.

     You can:

  • Use our sounds in commercial projects (e.g., videos that clients pay you for, your monetized YouTube videos)
  • Build — you can edit all for be perfect your sound style
  • Use our music as many times as you choose without additional cost
  • Tell us something about your project (if you like the idea) — we like seeing what people do with our sounds and music
  • Use our music and sounds in your live videos and fitness class without any restriction about Tag ID

You can not:

  • Use our music for bad thinks (you’ll find some examples below, but, basically, don’t do anything than can create fisical or pysical damage to nobody )
  • Sell or Share the sounds and music itself —
    ask to us before.
  • Use our music and sounds to build a similar or competing service
  • Make our music available to your users or customers, such as through a video editing app (if you want to do this)
    ask to us before 

For any questions about what’s allowed, feel free to contact us.