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is your DigitalMusicBase where you can find any type of Sound, Music and Sound Effect to create your MUSIC or VIDEO project. Bring your Songs, Blog, Vlog, Social Media profile/page or Musical Productions to the next level and make it different. Look and check from all our categories and start to use today in yours projects without worring about Royalties. is the new step to be faster, better and ever on the Top! Expand all your projects with Sounds, Music & Sound effects without limits!!

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In fact, our dream is to create the largest community and audio database completely Royalties&Copyright-free.. For the same reason, we give everyone the possibility to partecipate and also the chance to show off yourself to the world! Sharing your works (Ambiental Sounds, Samples, instrumental Riffs, Voices, complete Songs or instrumental tracks..), you can create new direct and indirect collaborations between the others Artist. Wich better way to expand the Art of Audio around all the world, if not a database of sounds created, powered and enjoyed by the users?!?

The Only Limit is your imagination, as moreover…. is totally Royalties and Copyright FREE.


– Expand all your projects with Sounds, Music & Sound effects without limits. Find the correct sound for your creations and share as many times  as you want and wherever you want! MAKE ART!


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Health and Fit





                                And from NOW: the exslusive connection with the music that heals the body and mind…


                                                      your best background for your health session.


Choose your vibes…